Why I’m running…

why-im-runningMoving to a Town Council is a major transition for our community, and I want to help it go well: listening to many viewpoints, finding common ground, and moving forward. We’ll only have one chance for a good start.

I’m not running to grind any particular axe, but I do have strong feelings about some key issues facing the town. I think we need a much more coherent approach to the linked issues of development, the quality of our neighborhoods, and the residential tax burden. Residential property taxes can’t continue to bear so much of the burden for good services and good schools. I want to apply my experience in economic development to broaden the tax base and provide relief to homeowners.

Common with ShadowsBut economic development must make sense and serve our values. A vibrant downtown and sensible village centers require better solutions for parking, balancing businesses and housing, and respecting our small-town character.

Our challenges have been long in the making, and our new government must take the long view. That calls for better planning, but also sound stewardship of the facilities that generations of taxpayers have built. I’ve been deeply involved in the discussions of our capital needs and priorities — including environmental sustainability — and feel a real obligation to exercise sound stewardship in preserving and improving school, municipal and library TH Tower with Flagsbuildings rather than kick the can down the road. I will be a forceful advocate for balanced capital planning and a financially and environmentally responsible program of improvements.

But my strongest motivation for running is my recognition that these and other issues are not easy, and will require careful discussion, creative thinking, and principled compromise. This is how I’ve approached things my whole life, and I hope to bring a constructive attitude and a lot of experience working things out with others as a member of the new Council.

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