Why I’m running…


Why I’m running …again

Three years ago, I committed to listening to many viewpoints, finding common ground, and moving the Town forward. You gave me a chance, and I’ve stuck by that commitment.

It’s been a busy three years for our community: all the usual challenges, plus finding our way through COVID-19. It certainly put our new form of government to the test, and I’ve been impressed time and again with the commitment of the Council members, the Town staff, and our community. We’ve accomplished a lot together, and I’d like to help maintain that momentum.

There is so much more to do:

  • Keeping our community healthy and safe, and rebuilding after so many losses.
  • Meeting our commitment to future generations by completing the full program of capital improvements.
  • Demonstrating that a community can protect both public safety and social justice through our new community responder program.
  • Finding even more ways to demonstrate how local governments can be leaders in securing a sustainable environment.

It has been a tremendous privilege serving on our first Council. I hope I’ve earned your support and can count on your vote on November 2.